Contradictory Corporate Cocksuckers

Contradictory Corporate Cocksuckers

Isn’t that funny.

While I actually would support these kinds of measures to reduce dependence upon the social society and to encourage greater productivity from workers, I would also like to point out that this very act is, in actuality, government interference in the economy, and therefore, a more liberal position than a conservative position….

Thank you, Mr. Cameron, for actually showing some freakin’ sense to the world outside your desires.

Now, will you actually do anything to ensure that these people are decently compensated for their work without actually doing any harm to the economy?

Or are you still tangled in that ideological and financial veil that you’re so caught up in?

Remind me again, how income inequality is healthy for the society?

And, more to the point, remind me how having greater economic equality (for the work that’s done by everyone in society) is such a bad thing?

I agree that you should earn according to your work.

But what of the work of the common person in society, Mr. Cameron?

Why do you white wash their efforts, their toil, their sweat?

For what reason?

My guess, is that you don’t have a real answer other than simple greed?

You piggish fuck.

You corporate cocksucker.

Ya nobs who strut about and pretend like you’re one of us!

You demons in human flesh!

Get out!

Think about it.


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