For What Reason, Really?

For What Reason, Really?

Tell me.

How does it make sense that we save money by allowing contractors to do work for our public (let alone, other people’s publics) by having them do the work for a profit?…

I’m for the government investing in our local economies for when it comes to economic or physical disasters. Private money isn’t a bad thing.

But, tell me, when we are working with other people’s economies, why aren’t we at the very least doing for the real cheapest price (sans profit) or, at the very least, have laws to severely punish those who would try to take advantage of the public purse?

Obama, Democrats.

This is/has been in your field now for quite some time.

What are you?

A bunch of little more than whipped bitches for someone else’s amusement and tormet?

Or are you statespeople and leaders of this society?

Think about it.

Because the former tends to get themselves kicked or manipulated out of power, whlie the other stays on until death, and then, beyond death if they do a good enough job at it.

What are you, in actuality?

And, tell me American people, why aren’t you actively driving out these private elites who are running the show from behind the scenes?

Still enamored with them?

Still fearful of change or difference?

Think about it.


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