Fascinating How


It’s funny how all these insecure little dictators are going to neglect the death of someone who should serve as a model for their own regimes and governments.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-25311513 Notice how honored this man is in death for all that he did for his people.

Who will mourn Vladimir Putin, genuinely when he is gone?

Who really mourned Maggie Thatcher’s death earlier this year?

Or all those corporate and right wing persons in the West that supported Apartheid?

Or Jacob Zuma, who is not governing according to the principles and logic of Mandela?

Who will mourn the death of the actual demons who live amongst us?

The ones that cause harm to other people for what they perceive of is self gain, or else, the ones who mistake what is really their gain for others’ gain?

Who will mourn Dick Cheney and all other cancerous, conservative, autocratic and dictatorial persons, who either govern only for their own petty interests or for their private elite sponsors?

Not I.

Because that’s the way that governing works, in the actual state of things in the spaces beyond our brains’ projections.

It’s about what you do onto others, physically and psychologically, that makes the difference between a massive and sincere state funeral, or just a formality attended by the private interests whom you supported (who probably never really respected or honored you to begin with).

This is the net result of all your actions on this plane of existence, whether you believe in reincarnation or an afterlife or not.

It’s how people view you when you’re gone and whether they actually miss your presence.

And that is the ultimate net result difference between positive governance and negative autocracy.

Think about it.


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