The Hard Truth

The universe is a dictatorship.

You can either obey, abide and follow its natural laws and features.

Or it will kill you, on this plane of existence.

Reality is not a democracy.  In fact, it’s insanely authoritarian and the consequences for not working with it in this way is, as history has shown, the death of all who fail to evolve or adapt to the new conditions and understandings about this place.

I’m afraid that, as Americans, we will not accept this fundamental feature of our universe because it doesn’t jibe with our deep notions of freedom and individual liberty.  We prefer to think in terms of opinion and freedom of expression and ideals when none of that really is of value in the space beyond our brains.

Yes, you can pollute the atmosphere and the water, poison the food, instigate wars and hoard wealth and official power from people.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences on this level of being for those actions that reflect poorly and/or negatively effect everyone who lives on any planet in this universe.

You’d think conservatives of all people, would be more inclined and accepting of this natural authoriatrianism.  However, they get caught up in their own dogmas too much, as if anything that humans produce is really of value to this universe, or has any significance in it at all.

Liberals are the said to be the rebellious ones who will buck authority, hierarchy and notions of involuntary control.  However, ironically, they are the ones who are more willing and able to (albeit, imperfectly) adapt to the changing conditions that are going to happen, as we gain more knowledge about the universe and our place in it, and as it naturally shifts with and without our influencing it.

As for Libertarians: they’re too caught up with their own political, social and economic beliefs to really account for anything that’s of much value.  What are they but a rouge political sect, unique to the United States, that is valuing and fighting for something that they will never have on this plane of existence, and that slips away on the tangible level as they pursue it on the psychological level.

Our views of the world are influenced by our sense organs and our brains’ renditions of the information that our sense organs produce for it.  Some people’s brains are more fit for survival and well being on this planet, and some are going to make better political choices and gubernatorial conclusions than others on THIS plane of existence.  Contrary to the American mantra, not all opiniosn are valid and not every opinion is worth regarding or implementing, based on the tangible effects that are realized from doing so on the empirical plane of existence.

We can study the chicken of the universe and come to know it.  I describe it as a chicken, in spite of the usual analogy of an elephant or something larger, because we can get a solid opinion of what is and what works on this plane of existence within our individual selves.  There is only one reality in which we’re living; one universe to bind them all, unus e pluribus, one out of many.

The damage that the demons do to this universe is the damage that they do to themselves.  By demons, I mean people who aren’t accurately working with the reality that is around them and are wielding influence and power in our political universe,  from voters, volunteers to politicians and leaders, to private elites and businesspeople; interests and conglomerations, academics, and all other people who do not live on this plane of existence or make positive choices for themselves as individuals and for the rest of the universe that is around them (the two not being separated and different, in reality).

It’s time that we cease to accept the demons within us and the demons outside of our individual selves that will not conform to the natural laws of society, economy, the environment and the polity.

Think about it.


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