Revolutions Come With Warnings

Contrary to what Michael Frante said, revolutions do indeed, come with warnings.

Yet what shocks me the most is how little our current leaders seem to be effectively preparing for such incidences in ways that would actually resolve the conflict that they’re having with people or groups of people.

Repression isn’t a long term tactic and, when it is done historically, it frequently leads to increased resistance on the part of the people who are involved or not previously involved, especially when what people are fighting for are within their moral sensibilities of what’s right in the society.

Not all fights can be won and not all fights should be fought.  Sun Tzu said “…that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.”  It seems to me that our civilian leaders seem to order generals to attack people, but do not make it a priority to attack the root causes of the problem that’s creating the fight to begin with.  Treating the symptoms, rather than the disease (perhaps because by treating the disease, they’re tacitly admitting to some kind of fault for what they’ve done in the world to other people).

We’re run by people, it seems who only use the bits and pieces of facts to produce a shaky picture of reality, rather than use those facts to produce a whole picture of reality.  We have people who think and feel in the short term; who react rather than contemplate, who fail to recognize the value of genuine and sincere benevolence towards others for their sake, let alone, for others’ sakes.  We’re run by people who are not empirically qualified to be actual leaders of human society; who have managed to bs and connive their way to the top, rather than be of natural and/or taught merit to fill these positions.


But I can think of no other explanation other than this, based on the effects that comes out of these governing bodies we call the government and their respective supporting agencies.

Don’t know what to do about these people, who think that all opinions are equal in the light of common reality, who ignore facts or fail to perceive them accurately and who lack spontaneous compassion for other people, for one reason and another.

These are the same people who failed to realize and recognize a revolution was coming in Iran back in 1979.

And these are the same people who will fail to recognize a revolution coming in their own home country.

Think about it.


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