The New Adaptable Model for Government

The New Adaptable Model for Government

I wonder how big a deal this will be to the Chinese people or how/if it will impact their relations with the government and with the PLA.  No doubt that the PLA is supposed to be one of the stronger institutional pillars of the Chinese Communist Party’s regime.  But I am unsure as to how much of a problem this is for the Chinese government, other than that it’s a) bad for morale, discipline and operational functionality to have this nonsense happening in the ranks, and b) that this is yet another embarrassment for the Chinese Communist Party at a time when they really cannot afford to have perceived or actual chinks in their armor.

China will most likely always have a dictatorship or some kind of centralized oligarchy of people. 

The question then is, how do they (the Chinese Communist Party members) adapt to the changing needs, attitudes, perspectives and desires of the Chinese people while preventing the actual occurence of these embarrasing incidences that diminishes the authority, respect and legitimacy of the government?  How do they at least make it to the next century, let alone, until the end of times and beyond?

Think about it.

Because while I don’t have all the answers (mainly because I don’t have all the necessary data), I do have the methodology for finding the relevant data and then making decisions based on conditions in the Chinese governmental institutions and in the Chinese society/environment proper.  The question then becomes how far are the members of the current and future Chinese governments willing to go to stay in legitimate, actual power rather than just acting as a hinderance to the well being of the body of Chinese society?

Contrary to Confucian tradition, I do not see the relationship between the State and the Society as being that of a father to a child.  Rather, I see it as a loving marraige, if said set of governing members want to legitimately and genuinely retain power for an extended period of time, let alone, until the end of time and beyond.  Gender roles do not matter, provided that it is recognized that the State serves as the Dominant, giver role, while the society serves in the submissive, receiver role.

Societies of humans are simply going to behave as they most naturally do throughout any given situation, universally and culturally.  It’s up to the State to receive the cues, hints and facts from society in order to generate well being, health, happiness and survivability in the society proper.

That, I would argue, is the empirically best way to maintain and continue to receive power from your citizens, while doing anything otherwise or doing it in poor form will lead to the destruction of the particular State and the removal of its members.

The question is what will the governments of the world do, now, as we move into the 21st century with new knowledge about our economies, our societies, how we relate and interact with the environment and the role/placement of government within society?

How do we act with this new perspective of history which leads us to these new conclusions about ourselves, individually and collectively, that can be backed up by psychological, sociological and historical research?

When will the leaders of the present drop the bad habits of the past, for their own sake and benefit?

And, when will there be sincere and genuine honestly, love and mutual respect, between States and societies, and whole societies with one another?


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