Chinese Aggression

Chinese Aggression

If China really wants to start a war, then I’d invite them to do so.

The species has never rewarded imperialistic and domineering societies over the long term, and I’d hate to think of such a vast and majestic country going to waste because a few of its leaders were playing by rules from the 20th century and on faulty understandings of the natural laws that bind societies in international politics and governance.

Better that we maintain defenses on our home front, and keep our projection power stowed, such that we can strike when it is convenient for us to strike.  War is not in China’s interests our in our interests in the long term.  We have too much invested economically in each other, and there’s always the monumentous cost of actually fighting the war that would have to be considered.

Better, perhaps, that we repair our relations with other cultures and societies and gain allies who will come to our side against a belligerent China.

How about we start with the Palestinians?  Nothing wrong with helping flood victims.  Israel still maintains the upper hand militarily, and we end up being all the better for it.

Just a few things to think about.

Because until China either gets tired or genuinely satisfied of conquest, I don’t see any reason for us to be putting down our defenses.  Unfortunately, that’s going to be a very long time under the present set of leaders in China, who seem more concerned with expanding their society’s “strength” in the world, rather than either governing well at home or obeying the natural laws that human society places on conquerors and would-be conquerors.

I would have rammed the ship, if I were the Captain of that cruiser, and taken the hit in my career.  Let they be the ones that back down, ultimately, because the top dog spot in the global human society is not a place for amateurs, wannabes or conquerors.  We should communicate that, somehow, to the Chinese government and to the Chinese people as well, as clearly as an American can communicate.

Think about it.


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