Power For the Powerless

Didn’t I Just Say This?

Seriously, it figures that the British would be resentful of the fact that their notions of power, control and dominance have since faded into the history books, along with their empire.  Indeed, all empires have gone the way of the British, the French, the Russian, and, soon, the American ones. 

Power is something that comes with willing consent on the part of the people who you are attempting to have power over.  You cannot force that which, in actuality, does not want to be forced.

Unfortunately, British models and methods of thinking about the world do not take into account this fact of human nature.  Likewise the Americans, who are in a similar mold as the British, don’t seem to accept or comprehend the value of allowing people to choose how they’re governed, or how to respond to challenges from the “powerless” beneath them.  All they do is play a never ending game of whack-a-mole, until they’re exhausted and/or wiped out.

It’s a shame that our “top” military and civilian leaders don’t seem to be able to actually see the larger view of humanity that is the world.

And that’s a flaw of their natural brain states as far as processing and working with the world when they’re in those kinds of leadership positions that require vision, values and a comprehension of wholes rather than parts.

Think about it.


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