The Nature of Power

At the root of all power exchange relationships, is some form of implied or tacit consent.  The subject may not be aware that they are submitting, nor will they necessarily care or worry about such things.  But unless that consent is there in the first place; unless there is a basis for legitimacy and authority in the mind’s eye of the submissive, there will be no power exchange, and there will only be struggle, conflict and damage done to both sides…an unhealthy relationship.

What is true on the individual human level is also true for the larger collective and social levels.  A government, for instance, must have some kind of consent from the people they are governing to be present and to be able to govern in the first place.  All leaders, from dictators to democratic statespeople must have legitimacy in order to wield the authority of the law.  That legitimacy is earned by the leaders in question; it cannot be taken or forced or received as a default.

We’ve seen in dozens of cases throughout history and current, that this is the case.  Examples can range anywhere from the slave revolts of the ancient world, to the overthrow and undermining of the Roman Empire, to the American Revolution, to the French and Russian Revolutions, to Vietnam and the struggles against colonialism and up unto the present with the Arab Spring risings and the emergence of the Occupy Wall Street groups in the United States.  We can also run this experiment in our individual lives, observing what happens when we try to take “charge” of another person without, at the very least, their implied or tacit consent.  It simply will not work for our sake and benefit, and it is more likely to draw criticism and confrontation from the person in question who is being put down against their will and, perhaps, from the larger social world that is around them.

The principles on the micro-levels are no different from those on the macro-levels.

And yet, we’re still being governed by the same brain types that consistently prove themselves unaware and incapable of being aware of the larger natural universe that is beyond their brains and desires.  When and if these brain types make it into places of power, consequence and authority, where they are only bound by the natural laws of the universe, they generate increased problems, both for themselves and for others through the negligence of these basic principles that govern our species, our societies, our economies, our environments and our universe as a whole. 

This has been the case throughout all of time and existence, on the empirical level of being.  And, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen when and if we manage to gain knowledge and understanding about how to manipulate the physical brain, what our species will do to itself and to each other, if such technology is even feasible in the first place.

Think about it.


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