Opinions Stink

People stink.

They stink because everybody has an opinion.

And opinions smell.

What good is an opinion if it is not backed up by the whole truth, all of the facts and details about the facts?

What good does “motivated opinion/perspective” do for our species if it is not motivated for the plain and simple truth, sans ideology or personal preference?

Unfortunately, we seem to be wired for being lawyers, rather than scientists.

Most people neither seem interested in getting all of the facts, nor do they seem interested in effectively acting upon them when the time comes to do so.

And, unfortunately, this problem of egotistical and personally motivated thinking is especially prevalent in my home country of America and within our American government.

What good is opinion if it doesn’t serve to produce empirically better results on the tangible (not the psychological) level of existence?

Think about it.

Because I’m tired of the arguments in the United States.

And, quite honestly, I think I’d rather go elsewhere for my life.

Think about it.


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