Chinese Seapower

Chinese Seapower

And they’re doing this at a fraction of the cost of the American military.

Perhaps that’s because, in China, the State governs the military and the businesses associated with the military, not the OTHER WAY ROUND!!

Seriously, China may rise and we may have to accept their presence as top dog in the world.  So long as we can protect our own home here and make diplomatic friends with other lesser powers now, we should be well set to mount a formidable resistance against the Chinese hegemon that’s growing as we speak.

Peace should always be our priority, and war should be seen as a secondary desire.  That being said, American strategists, military and civilian leaders need to get much wiser and better in tune with the reality that is around them, away from the feeble world of opinion, biases and pet personal interests.

It’s time that the American Giant stop dicking around with nonsensical conservative, liberal and libertarian fantasies and focus on what’s real and what’s not.  It’s time that we get down to the brass tacks of Sun Tzu and meet the Chinese in the area where we are truly lacking: in our strategic and cognitive prowess.

I’ve given my prescription for handling the Chinese. We need to nationalize our defense industry and wrestle it away from the private companies who have a stranglehold on our politics and our design and development schemes.  We need to have open communication with the Chinese, but we also need to work on rebuilding our relations with the rest of the world.  That means, allowing people to sort themselves out, stop drone attacking people, reach out to old enemies, stop spying on everybody and generally be a sincerely and genuinely more social nation led by more socially oriented people who are not paranoid or suffering from delusions of perception.  If you don’t know what that means, than you probably don’t belong in the brass level of our military, let alone, in the brass level of our civilian leadership.

Too many “S” personalities, failing to see the big picture for what it is.

Not enough “N” personalities seeing the whole and working with the whole(s) that compose our world.

And it’s all thanks to our brains that we have those who have inferior lenses and those with superior lenses.  And, unfortunately for us in the US, the inferior lenses have taken over our civilian and military leadership, leaving us with what will be a useless and well overpriced hunk of junk military that will be tissue paper for the Chinese, without any friends or allies to back us up when the moment of reckoning comes.

This is deadly serious stuff.

Our society is lacking.

Our economy is lacking.

And now, our military is lacking, and the only strategy that we seem to be taking is to throw more money at way overpriced and unnecessary projects, rather than get back to the cheap fundamentals of good strategy; working with what you have to combat a potential foe.

If China wants to be top dog, let them be top dog.  So long as we strategically keep ahead of them and let them make all the mistakes that hegemons make while prioritizing the defense of our homeland, we should be golden.  If I were strategizing for the US, I would quietly be working on ways to fund and supply guerilla armies to challenge possible Chinese occupations.  I would also be bolstering our cyber-defense, anti-EMP and anti-nuclear and biological/chemical weapons capabilities for our civilian population at home, rather than focusing on having greater offensive hardware for projecting power where we really don’t belong and shouldn’t, in our own interests, actually be. 

It’s time also that we stop letting our billionaires, millionaires, corporate executives and financiers dick around and collect most of the money that our people produce, such that we can invest in getting our schools fit for children’s development and our infrastructure up to date and ready for an attack ON OUR HOMELAND from China or terrorists.  It’s time, actually, that we work to get rid of Islamic terrorism as an enemy by pursuing the political courses of action that will most of the major support for the jihadis (who really have a terrible reputation wherever they’ve sprung up).

It’s time that we get down to the fundamentals of strategy to protect our society and, indeed, the whole of human society from the deranged forces of unhindered Capitalism, the possible rise of a new Chinese hegemon, the destruction of the environment that WILL KILL US ALL.

And, to do this, we must get rid of the stupid opinion and interest based logics that have, and still are, governing this country, and get down to the nitty, gritty, brass tacks that is the only reality that is relevant to our well being and survival.

It’s time that we stop dicking around as a leadership, as a society, as a people, and grow the fuck up!

Think about it!

Because the time is ticking.

And while America gets the first bite of me, I will not turn down an offer from the Chinese or any other country to help them, so long as America is governed by these Plutocratic, Capitalistic, Ideological and Opinion-centered “leaders” who don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s well being but their own, which isn’t very in their own self interests, really.

Think about it.

And, PLEASE, America.

Grow up.

Think about it.


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