The Effects of Poverty and Other Thoughts

The Effects of Poverty

One of the greatest demons that can befall a people is the stench of working poverty.  Since differences in income equality does not effect economic growth one way, or the other, it stands to reason that the presence of poverty in a society is a choice that is made by the government through its effect on legislation and law enforcement, which is then, ultimately, a derivative of the society’s will, culture and the society’s acceptance of its legislation and its presence.  A government, through connecting the compensation of the workers to the profits realized by the business by law, can, hypothetically, improve the quality of life for those that work in the economy and, thus improve the lot of the individuals who live in society, thus improving the robustness and, hopefully, the resiliency and adaptability of the society as a whole, without negatively effecting the function of the economy itself.

Through the improvement of the quality of life of the working parents, the children can then grow up in happier, healthier, less stressful and more stimulating environments, thus enabling them to have a fair shot at achieving the most that they possibly can in their lifetimes, rather than consigning to them at birth, a choice that they do not have, to a life of drudgery and mediocrity.

Not all of us are going to be at the top of society.  We need an economy that is going to work for the average person, to ensure their happiness and well being without harming the actual well being of those on the top of our social world.  Making life into a grand gamble that is rigged from the start, depending on birth place and condition, does not make for a healthful society and, instead, leads to an inbreeding of power and influence that corrupts the society and those who are holding the power, more so for those who are holding the power, because they are more likely to be swept away by the mob while the rest of society muddles on.  The inevitable effect of the “free market” is the cornering of the market by a handful of people who do well and exponentially do better in the market.  This leads to the impoverishment of everyone as the finite amount of wealth is drained from society to feed the already well to do, like leeches, sucking out all the blood of their victim.  This is repeatable, this is replicable, this is present wherever the forces of the markets are allowed to have free reign without having to be yoked to the society and made conscious of the environment.  They kill the goose that lays the golden eggs (society and the environment) in order to produce more eggs.  In their greed, they get nothing, while if it were tempered by government oversight, regulation and data tracking (which is simply a manifestation of the will of society), they would be able to have wealth period, even if it is periodically more moderated amounts of wealth coming in.

The question then becomes, what do we ultimately prioritize?  How do we make our decisions moving forward?  Through what lens to we perceive and interact with the world?

The lens that sees only material wealth and dollar values?

Or the lens that contemplates well being, health, harmony, survivability and quality of life that includes wealth considerations?

Personally, I don’t think we have a choice in the matter.

I think it all comes down to our individual biology as to whether we work with the inferior or superior lenses.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to sort people according to their abilities to empathize, perceive, understand, adapt to and work with the social and natural world that is around them, and that they are apart of.  Those functions, I hypothesize, are too complicated to be boiled down to one area or one neurological pattern set within the brain.

Yet, in spite of all this, I still hypothesize that this is the actual case of the matter; that it does all come down to brain types as to whether we use the lenses that help or hurt us in the fullest of fullest senses.

And, unfortunately, it’s apparent that our current set of leaders, at least in the US, are using inferior lenses (meaning, inferior brain types) that will only lead to our mutual self-destruction.

Think about it.

Because the intentions that you have and the choices that you make all effect the world that is around you.

And, while we all aren’t going to be Enlightened individually, we can certainly come together to be Enlightened collectively.

Think about it.

And, good luck.

Think about it.


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