The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot

The standard move for every abusive jerk, when faced with the possibility of his/her partner leaving them for another…..

Offer stuff to compensate for the abuses.

I honestly don’t know what Ukraine’s people are going to think or feel about this.  I’m not familiar enough with them as a people to be able to tell if this will be sufficient to overcome the anger and resentment that I know Ukrainians feel towards its giant neighbor.  The two have a very long and troubled history, most recently being spurred on by the forced famine of the Ukrainian kulaks during Stalin’s governance of the Soviet Union and the continued abuses by the Soviet government in Ukraine.

I will say this, that either way it goes, it is in the interests of all sides to follow through on this deal.  Ukraine could lose a lot if it does not actually live up to its end of the bargain.  That being said, if Russia does not follow through on this deal as well, it could face even more forceful blowback from the Ukrainian people.

Once again, we see how honesty, in the long run, is preferable to deception in at least this case.  The deal, if it is being done in the best interests of both parties, would be binding on a defacto level, even if not necessarily on a legal level.

If I were Mr. Yanukovych, I would consult with the general population before going either way on this matter.  His fate hangs in the balance with this balancing act between the Russian east and the European west.  He’s got a very narrow line to walk between the two and I’m not versed enough in the details to know which way he should, technically, go for his own sake as well as for the sake of the Ukrainian people (the two not being mutually exclusive).

I wonder what the details of this aid is from Russia….Who would it go to?  Who would benefit from it?

Think about it…..


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