How to Govern 101

How to Govern 101

This is how governing ought to work (even though most of this stuff should have seriously been worked out beforehand).

You make law or program.

You implement law or program.

You test for empirical consequences of law or program.

You edit accordingly, such that no one is actually getting harmed or put in real harm’s way by the law/program.


You test refined law/program for effects.

Keep editing.

Or else, if it’s apparent that it’s a failure, you scrap law or program.

Constantly communicate with people throughout the process.

Screw the ego or interests of the politician for their pet projects, for the sake of the politician’s well being in office, let alone, in life in general.  Screw their ideological background and biases too.  That should be their bias.

It’s about doing what works FOR people, not just for a few people.

And, unfortunately, the Republicans are entrenched in the side that is, quite frankly, plainly self-destructive and wrong, while the Democrats don’t seem to be smart or bold enough to fight their way out of the paper bag that they’re in.  It doesn’t matter who governs; the procedure and results are going to basically be the same.  The only thing that matters is who actually is doing it best for the best reasons.  That’s the difference between a statesperson and a politician.

Think about it.

Because it comes down to you, the voter, as to whether or not these assholes get elected.

And it’s just a result of all of our brains as to whether or not we live or die from these higher level decisions for ourselves and our social and ecological environment.

Think about it.


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