Run Away!!

Run Away!!

So, Khodorkovsky’s flown the coop.

Not surprising, but, for a man who’s part of the group of businesspeople who nearly broke Russia in the 1990’s, and one of the people on Putin’s bad list, I don’t blame him for getting out of a country that, no doubt, has mixed feelings about him on one hand, and enmity on the other hand.

I will be honest, I actually would have liked to sit down and have dinner with Vladimir Putin before he went for his 3rd term nonsense.  I consider him the man to have saved Russia from collapse (which, trust me, would have been more shocking than the collapse of the Soviet Union to global security) back in the early 2000’s, following the their atrocious experiment with what they considered “liberal democracy and economics.”  Russia is standing proof that not all countries and cultures can adopt programs and policies that fit Western Europe (and America’s) sensibilities as to how a country and an economy should be governed.  Russia has always existed under some kind of strong-person leadership, either under the Tsars, the Politburo/Premier, or Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and they probably will continue to do so long after we and our great-grandchildren are all dead and gone (and so on and so forth).

All that I would suggest for Russia’s leadership would be that they’d be more cognizant and conscious of the needs, physical and psychological, of the people who live in Russia and to the environment in which they’re living.  Vladimir (now known as Vladchik, in my estimation of him) failed that critical step at the end that would truly have cemented him in greatness throughout Russian history.  That step would have been to step away from power when it was time (or, at the very least, kept quiet behind the scenes as an adviser of sorts) and abide by the rule of a higher law (which seems to be what Russian people seem to want and need from their government at this time.

The world is different than what Vladimir grew up in, whether he likes or wants to admit it.  He should have been more focused on that, rather than on his own ego or image as President of the Russian Federation.

But things are what they are.

And Vladchik is just going to join a long line of Russian dictators, and will most likely, leave no real lasting impression upon the hearts and minds of his people once he is dead.

And he will be dead, whether he likes it or not, and only his memory will live on (or not) in the hearts and minds of his people.

Obscurity is the ultimate price that a Russian leader receives for his (let’s be realistic, it’s most likely, usually, going to be “his” for the forseeable future) work in office, if he fails to abide by the principles of benevolence, sense and consciousness; truth, care and love.

And that’s probably all that Vladchik is going to have, in spite of what he may believe, thanks to his brain and the qualities that it possesses.

Silly brain.

Think about it.


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