Why the Democrats?

The reason why I continue to support the Democrats, is that I think that, at their essence, they embody more of the concepts of self-interested in governance than the Republicans or any of the alternatives that are out there.  There are the Greens, and smaller state parties like the Working Family Party in Connecticut (my home state).  However, none of these parties have the present gravitas of the Democratic Party and are, in my view, simply alternatives that can rise to power should the Democrats fail to adjust, adapt and govern according to new insights into governing and what is in the politicians’ self-interests.

Revolutions, however peacefully they may be instituted, are messy, and there’s no guarantee that the new powers won’t become as corrupt as the older powers.  I have also received no word that these alternative parties are as focused on empirical, responsive governance as they need to be in order to produce a sustainable and reliable polity in our country.  For all I know, they could be just the ideologues of the Left, and are therefore, going to be dangerous for their own sakes, as well as for our own sakes, as they stick to falsehoods and deliberately ignorant views of the world to justify their dysfunctional policy positions.

I voted for the Green Party candidate in 2012 and for my Congressman, Joe Courtney, based on his endorsement from the Working Family’s Party.  The conservatives and the Libertarians may, presently, have the market cornered on political appeals, but the Liberals have the actual basis in reality that would enable them to govern indefinitely, provided that they continue to be based in reality (not ideology) and that they apply the same science to politking with people that they do in governing.

The Democrats get the first bite of this apple because of their present abilities to function in American politics.  However, that will be passed on, if they should reject or fail to abide by what is in their interests, as politicians and statespeople in the fullest of fullest of senses.

The choice is up to them.

The door is open.

I am here.

Will they walk through it though?

And take me with them?

Think about it.


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