No Such Cry for Me


No Such Cry for Me

Unfortunately, I don’t think there are just two sides to this.

There is the Right, which is adamantly against Mr. Robertson being removed from the show, on the grounds of free speech (which I would agree with).

And then you have the employer’s supposed rights to fire people based on what they say or think (which falls under economic rights that the conservatives would champion until their dying day, to which I see no end in feasible sight, especially in the media).

Let’s be honest, Fox News wouldn’t hire or keep a guy like me on if I were to speak my mind.  They’re only upset about this because it’s their “selves” that are being put on the line and penalized for their beliefs.  Were it a person like myself, there would be no such rallying cry for my First Amendment rights, and they’d, in fact, probably be the first to run me out of town through formal penalization, or through informal bullying.

Let’s face it folks, the Republican Right does not represent who America is in actuality, nor does their culture represent the mainstream in American society.

They’re angry about that, and they’re following the predictable patterns of false victimization followed by tyrannical impositions of themselves over others.

If they object to living in our whole American society, where we treat ALL people like human beings at the very least (even if we don’t accept all of their behaviors, see pedophiles and the like), then I don’t see a point with them remaining apart of this country, to be honest.

They won’t leave, because their economic and social policies have led to ruinous economic and social conditions in the states where they hold a majority and have left them net dependents upon the Federal government.

Yet they will not admit to the facts that their policies, plans, goals and aspirations for our world are not actually feasible or realistic, and in fact, lead to destruction rather than generation.

These are the folks who are so wrapped up in what they think or, more accurately, feel is right that they’re not seeing what actually is and how they actually are in the world.

These are the people who would cozy up to the likes of Vladimir Putin; a strong, small-selfish focused dictator, intent on preserving worlds that naturally crumble in the light of common reality and notions of human well being beyond his own psychological senses.

I hope that we split up as a country, such that we can show to ourselves, and the world as a whole, what kind of “people” these are.  We could show who in the world they associate with, how they work sans resistance from more enlightened and conscious folks, how they treat others who they perceive as “different” from their own and the empirical consequences of their social and economic policies on the physical and psychological well being of their people.

After all, it’s just a brain type, no different from those people in the Bible from Gog and Magog.

What’s the point of listening to them at all?

And how is it that their respective mental conditions and tendencies aren’t considered clinical illnesses?

Think about it.


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