The Face of Conservatism Revealed

The Face of Conservatism Revealed

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the actual face of Conservatism International.

It’s not some freedom loving, God fearing individual, that the conservatives of this country like to say they worship.

It’s just some dictator who forces society to bend to his will without any thought of the consequences to himself and to others as a result of their actions.

Isn’t it funny how these liberty-loving individuals seem to like to join militaries and other top-down, hierarchical and authoritarian institutions and organizations?

Isn’t it funny how those who opine individual liberty are so quick to shut it down for the sake of their psychological gratification?

Mind you, I thought that Putin was a shrewd leader of Russia, until he went for the 3rd term like some animal who couldn’t/wouldn’t control himself.

But that’s all that conservatism seems to be composed of: the least enlightened and the least consciously sensed among us.

It’s just a brain type/brain state.

Why should we listen to them again?

Any of us?

Think about it.


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