Effective Government in Action

Effective Government in Action

Once again, we are seeing what happens when you have an essentially anti-social, “S” personality type group of people govern a society.  You get shoddy results on the domestic levels, in government and in society, and you get even shoddier results on the international scale amongst nations.

I don’t see how the US should be prioritizing Asia as something we need to “defend”.  Matter of fact, I don’t see how we should be defending anything except for our own home country; our home land.

We need to prioritize our defenses to the seas and to the air.  We need to build up alliances with Canada and the South American countries in particular, and maintain good relations with the peoples of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

All of these tasks are going to be incredibly difficult, if not impossible for our current policy-makers to execute, because they do not seem to know how to interact with anyone who is not of the United States, more specifically, of the insider group. 

They’ve become so inbred at what they’re doing with networked hires, that there is no necessary reason that anything should work as it should, since sub-par candidates have gotten into critical positions, thanks to negligence and laziness on the part of those who make hiring decisions.

We’re sinking as a country.

And it’s all thanks to our government and it’s  members’ actions.

For our part, as citizens, we elected the reactionary conservatives and the delusional Tea Party into office.  That much was our fault, as citizens.

But the rest of it is clearly the government and it’s appointed/hired membership’s fault.

Why would we make a paper tiger “pivot” towards Asia when we’ve got something that, in my view, is shaping into a very real tiger, plus a bear on top of it?

Why would we not prioritize the defense of our homeland?

Why would we continue to push for other countries to adopt the same political systems that we have, even though, they are seemingly incompatible with most society’s political cultures?

Why can’t we allow people to be as they are, not worry so much about what happens internally, and build friendships based on this sense of mutual respect and trust?

Why would we spy on people who are, (or at least were) our friends and allies?

How is it that the members of our government make such, for want of a better word, boneheaded decisions for our people in terms of domestic and foreign policy?

Why have we not professionalized government to a point where it can be as effective at championing the people’s interests, at home first, abroad second, and over the wishes and desires of the private elite who defacto govern us at present?

How is it that we have not decided to get rid of that corrupting influence; to proactively prevent the “strong” minority from harming the “weak” majority of the population?

Why should I be around when this government collapses in on itself, thanks to its own weight, it’s own stupidity and it’s own lack of professionalism and mature sense of the world?

Think about it.

Because this is indeed, collapsing in on us.

And it’s all thanks to those elements of our government and society who don’t believe in government and do not operate government as an effective and efficient machine for the sake of our people’s general interests.

Think about it.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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