Rusky Conservatism

Rusky Conservatism

It’s important to remember, that Russian society doesn’t function like Western societies.  I doubt that Pussy Riot will pose much of a real threat to Putin, mainly because they are not representative of the sentiments of a majority of Russian people.

Matter of fact, it’s doubtful whether Putin is going to have to fear anyone at this point, chiefly because, if he actually and effectively carries out his modernization of Siberia, he’ll end up ranking with some pretty top Russian leaders in the analogues of the long history of Russia.  Many Russians (and, indeed, many people around the world) are conservative.  Each branch of conservatism is different to the culture and society that you find them in.  However, conservatism is at the deeper levels of our brains than the more cerebral progressivism that is mainly endemic in the Western European and American societies.  These progressives are also affected by conservative states of mind, thanks to the fact that conservatism is seemingly universal amongst the species.

So, we’re left with a world composed of primarily conservative human beings, even if there are extremes and moderates living amongst us on the spectrum.  We seem to aspire to the progressive ideals of acceptance, inclusiveness, quality of life and health for everyone.  That is, ironically, the message of all religions at their fundamental core.

However, we are governed by our biology always.  There are those who are conscientious of the larger living world that is around them, in detail and in the grand scheme, and those who are not.

Sadly, it seems that mos human beings fall into this latter category (which probably explains their conservatism and limited willingness to accept, work with and enjoy the highly diverse and ever shifting world that is around them.

It’s an ugly fact of nature that such a potentially talented species would be so over-populated by those who have no sense on the Right, or worse, have no sense on the Left.

It’s a shame that, after all these years of evolution, that we still haven’t got brains that actually will work for our benefit, on the individual or social level.

Think about it.


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