Democracy is a lot like Tinkerbell.  It only lives when people believe in it and choose to participate actively in it.

In order to have a living, breathing democratic system, we need to have an elite group in society who is willing and able to bring about the conditions, such that people are willing to believe and engage in democracy.

When you corrupt the system and/or buy votes via advertising dollars and money given to statespeople for campaigns, you kill democracy. 

People look at the system, see that it’s not working towards the ends that represent them in the fullest of fullest senses, and tune out, choosing not to vote and not to participate in the system. 

The result, far be it from being a boon for the anti-democrats, private interests and authoritarians, is a downward spiral towards revolution, attack and systemic collapse.  People do, eventually, get angry at the system and choose to take action against it.

When and if that fails in a non-violent and democratic manner, the result, as history has shown, has frequently been revolution, overthrow and rebellion.

Squashing the uprising just makes the problem worse.

And it invites all sorts of foreign intrigues into what ought to be a purely sovereign concern amongst a people.

We stand, as it were, at a precipice, waiting to find out whether we’re all going to go over the cliff, or back onto safe ground.  The private, corporate elites have done a tremendous disservice to themselves and to the country as a whole by usurping the peacefully executed democratic will of the people from the people.

Far be it from quieting the population down, it has simply given birth to a whole array of new problems; new voices, new factions, new people, jockeying for power and power alone at the expense of the whole system’s well being.

Lack of participation, discouragement and apathy amongst the general population, has only and will only lead to the insane voices coming out of the crooks and nannies of society, bent on taking power and using it towards the deranged ends that they incorrectly imagine as being for everyone’s well being.

The rich will be swallowed up, like the present governing factions in this stew of democratic fervor, contrary to their beliefs and feelings on the matter.

All for the sake of a few pieces of cloth rag that they couldn’t use anyway if they tried….

Sad that such a great country, founded on great PROGRESSIVE PRINCIPLES should go under because of a few tight-wad Ebenezer Scrooges, and the crazy conservatives amongst us who back them routinely.

Think about it.

And, Merry Christmas Eve.

Think about it.


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