Merry Christmas

Looking back at the Bible, I can somewhat understand how it was that the Judeo-Roman elites of the time had him tortured and executed.  As a non-violent revolutionary who was railing against the established order, both amongst the Jews and between the Jews and the Romans, he perhaps spoke too harshly, came out too much in force against them and, perhaps, genuinely scared them to a point where they thought the only way to be rid of him was to kill him.

This is just one more case where we see how it was that these repressive tactics don’t actually work to keep a person or their message down for very long (even though humanity has been a right mess at bringing Jesus’s message to fruition in practice amongst the faith, let alone, amongst the whole of life and the species together).

It’s all thanks to our brains as to whether we perceive and work with the universe in its actual totality, in depth and on the surface.

There is only one reality in which we are living.  It has a natural bias towards us respecting one another as human beings, distributing wealth to those who worked to produce it, stewarding the environment for our health and survival and allowing our leaders to be held accountable for their actions by a majority of the population, if we are working towards something that’s going to be tangibly better for all of our sakes, rather than just an excessive amount of “good” for a few, with everyone else getting the short end of the stick.  Failure to abide by these natural laws leads to social stagnation, recession or even death for all, on high and down below.

The top cannot survive or have what they have without the bottom.

And the bottom cannot function well without a top that is guiding it for its own sake.

The two are bound together, intrinsically and inseparably.

And that’s just the way that I see class dynamics working within society.

Capitalism cannot survive without a Social-ist’s logic, and Social-ists cannot function without the Capitalist system.

Trickle down only works when the government acts as a pump.

And there is much more research that has to be done in order to test, tweak and bring about the policies that will be most effective for people and the most responsive to changing times and needs.

Think about it.

Because that’s the way forward.

And I honestly wish I could do more to help the system other than to write about these concepts.

Think about it.

And, Merry Christmas, to us all.

On high.

And down below.

Think about it.


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