The election of Mayor Bill de Blasio, if anything, is living proof of my example that people will voluntarily change leaders when and if they feel that the present leadership has become non-responsive, oppressive or unjust.  Mayor Bloomberg was a tyrant for what he did to the city’s minorities and to the popular Occupy Movement, and the city responded to his leadership in kind by removing those who reeked of his faction’s stench.

However, it doesn’t seem that de Blasio hasn’t taken this to heart, and is, instead, instituting the same brand of sloppy leadership that has currently plagued our country and our country’s various societies.

What good is having a police policy that encourages negative action towards citizens?

What makes de Blasio think that he’ll be excluded from the natural laws that bind all leaders throughout time and space?

So what if he’s a “progressive”, or rather, claims to be a progressive?

It doesn’t mean that he’ll keep the people’s faith or trust in the government as a whole institution, and it certainly doesn’t mean that he’ll necessarily be able to keep the position that he was elected to by the people.

Democracy is a fantastic system for holding leaders to account for their actions.

However, it still behooves the leaderships who do come to power to root out problems at their root causes; to pay attention to conditions and situations and to act accordingly, such that the most amount of good is done with the least amount of harm being done to solve the problem.

We’ll see about de Blasio.

But, if this report is accurate, than I don’t see him leading to anything good for his Party or for the city’s sake.

It’ll just flip to the other Party, or to another Party, and they’ll get a chance to either be of service to people effectively and genuinely, or act as a sloppy hindrance to the population and get kicked out in their turn.

That’s the way that I predict most people will work in New York and in America, until they get angry enough at the leadership to circumvent the electoral politics for the sake of achieving the ends with the methods that the “leaders” should have been doing in the first place.

Society is like a body, and government is simultaneously the brain of the society and the doctor, responsible for the care and well being of the society itself.

They can either study the situation and the society/economy empirically and do what’s actually functional for the sake of that society.

Or, they can do whatever they want, and act as if there are no walls to what they can, should and ought to do.

It’s all thanks to their brain as to whether they have this delusion of freedom or not when they are in power, or at any other time in their lives.

And that is the first thing that needs to go, if we are to actually get better, govern effectively and for the sake of the people living in society on the receiving end of government policy and action.

Silly brains…..

Think about it!


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