Crisis in Turkey

Crisis in Turkey

One has to wonder what either of these two sides were doing, trying to override the policy choices of one or the other.  Now, if anything, the military could step in and “sweep out” the corruption in the state.  Of course, this may have to be done through elections or with a clear majority of the people backing them with the government of Erdogan/Gulen cracking down on the people (such that the international community wouldn’t condemn the overthrow of Erdogan/Gulen).

It truthfully doesn’t matter who controls the institutions of the state, politically or administratively.  The only policies and actions that are in a government’s interests are those which, in tangible reality, help the people by doing the most amount of good for the least amount of actual harm.  Admittedly, this is more gray in the realm of foreign policy.  However, even in this arena, there are only a finite number of choices that can be made in general and an even smaller number of those that will actually do more good for the society in question than actual harm.  The state/government thrives off of the society’s members’ physical and psychological well being and influence in another region only is as much as those people allow for.

If anything, I think this struggle between the AKP and Gulen will only lead in the destruction of them both in the eyes of the general public, regardless of the Taksim Gezi Park incident.  That would logically leave either the military/secularists or another faction ample room to come into power (although, again, I say that this is really an inconsequential thing, as it doesn’t matter who governs in a society).

It’s all rather silly, because had Erdogan/Gulen’s people been governing correctly and had been resorting to an open (if private) dialogue to figure out how to resolve issues over foreign policy, this whole thing may not have actually happened.  However, as far as I can tell, there was not that honest, open and explanatory line of communication between the two factions and, thus, their governing/administrative faction is crumbling.

Such nonsense for disagreements and/or relative power struggles.

And, mainly, it is the Turkish people who end up suffering, as a result of a more uncertain economic picture and the conflict that this will, inevitably, stir up amongst the populace.

Think about it.


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