The Stable Society and the Case for Government in the Economy

celtic-tree-of-life-circle-car-window-sticker-14057-pA stable society is needed first, in order to produce a stable and prosperous economy.  A merchant needs to be able to guarantee his/her stock’s well being.  The employees in the jobs have to be safe and compensated for their work according to the productivity of their company.  The infrastructure has to be built and maintained.  The financiers can’t be allowed to destroy the economy.  The environment needs protection and stewardship.

All of these things are against the immediate, direct personal interests of the business leaders and the financiers.  Their purpose is only to make money for themselves, not to steward society.  Matter of fact, there comes to a point where those competing interests are mutually exclusive.  The business leaders and financiers have consistently chosen to follow their natural course; their natural brain type in order to realize a greater profit for themselves at the expense of the society and the environment in which they are living and make their livings off of.

To this end, society needs a stable, legitimate and well managed, organized and executed government body, in order to tend to those things which the business leaders and the financiers won’t, don’t or can’t.

A stable and effective government that governs WITH people in society, rather than OVER people is the basis for developing the legitimacy and authority needed to overwhelm the private interests that are acting against their own self interests, in the grandest of grand schemes of things.

A government is needed to steward the society and the environment, such that the society remains stable and able to turn a profit for the business leaders and the financiers.  It is from the healthy and stable society, sociologically, economically, financially and environmentally that a stable and prosperous economy is able to grow.  The society and the environment is the soil from which the plant of wealth grows.  Government is merely the gardener of that plant; tending to it in such a way that the plant neither kills itself or the soil or the environment, yet is able to grow to its fullest potential within the natural limits that are set for it by the universe that actually is, around them.

The alternative is the soil becoming barren, the environment becoming hostile and the plant garrotting itself unto death.

The current logic of businesspeople and bankers is to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs for the sake of having more golden eggs, not realizing that, in order to have the eggs in the first place, the goose (society/environment) needs to be taken care of first.

I hypothesize that it is only a dysfunction of the brains of the business leaders and the financiers that causes them to go against their actual interests on the fullest of fullest senses.

And we see this happen on the empirical level in places like Bangladesh, or China, or India or the United States and Western Europe before the rise of unions.

It is in the interests of the members of government to govern well.  It is in the interests of the businesspeople and the financiers to submit themselves to the rules produced by this government through collaboration and discussion, so that they can make money in a legitimate and stable society/environment.  It is in the people’s interests to have this government to protect them, as members of society and denizens of the environment, from the onslaughts of the pathologically minded people who run our businesses and finances.  And, in the end, it is in the interests of the economy and all who participate in the production and consumption of wealth to have a government present, proactive and sensibly engaged through dialogue.

Libertarians and conservatives have no valid leg to stand on in this debate.

And I challenge any one of them to refute these empirical truths on the tangible level of being, not the imagined psychological one.

Silly brains.

Think about it!


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