Of Course….


Of Course….

Of course we’re in a decline.

We’re not investing in our society, we’re allowing private businesses and banks to run rampant in our economy and over our society and environment.

The private elite have all but taken the politics of this country over.

And none of the politicians in Washington or elsewhere have the balls, the intelligence or the inclination to do anything about it, even though, if they were to do this effectively, it would earn them great victory.

The moral will of the people is there, plain as it ever is.

Yes, they misdiagnose the situation, the problems that we’re facing and give the wrong solutions for what to do.

That much they can be forgiven for, for it is technically the business of the governing factions to handle that business as effectively as possible for every person in society, not just for a select number of people in society.

But the leadership is lacking.  Too many bootlickers, kiss-asses, politicians and crazy people, not enough statespeople at the helm of our political movements and offices of power, consequence and authority.

Do modern political leaders understand the concept of empirical, inclusive and fact based governance?

Or are they too busy pursuing their little interests and schemes to realize the full picture of society and what they’re doing to themselves when they exploit, scheme and force society into one position or another?

Where is the dialogue between citizens and politicians?

Where is the listening, sensing and diagnosing of problems, rather than the talking, bullying and speaking over other people?

Why haven’t American leaders followed these principles to date, not just with Americans, but with all peoples and governments of peoples across the planet?

Because, according to history, our most dear leaders are those who have sacrificed and worked for others, not those who have simply worked for themselves.

Where are the great tyrants, dictators and democrats of old, in the grand scheme of things, relative to Jesus or Buddha or Confucius or Lao Tzu?

How do they stack up in our eyes to Rumi, our mothers, friends, sisters and brothers?

Where are they relative to those who have helped us along the way?

And how is it that we, as a people, are not demanding that kind of treatment from them with the fullest force that society can muster?

Why do we listen to conservatives on either side of the aisle?

And, for what purpose do we keep such small minded, small-hearted and conniving people in power, when it is so easy to remove them, either through the democratic force of elections, or the ultimate force of revolution?

Think about it.

Because I would like to help these fuckers as much as I honestly can.  I don’t like revolutions, and I see the changes that we need to make as not requiring a revolution.

However, failure to act on the part of the political and private elites; to not act effectively, swiftly and efficiently, will only increase the odds of rebellion, revolution or, at the very least, being thrown out of office.

That is what history has shown us.

And it’s a royal shame that so many people, on high and on low, fail to accept and appreciate that the more you keep things the same, the more that you fight against the forces of change; the more that you do what is psychologically gratifying rather than socially satisfying, the more likely it is that things will change and that they will change violently against your personal favor.

We know this.

Act like it!

For fuck’s sake!

Act like it!


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