The Fall of Capitalism and (Hopefully) Anti-Social People

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The Fall of Capitalism and (Hopefully) Anti-Social People

Systems fall when they fail to function for a vast majority of people living in a given society.  Legitimacy, the crucial element to producing authority for a government and a social system, fades away into the background and people become plagued by apathy, carelessness and an abiding sense of anger and mistrust.

Without this legitimacy, a social system, and the government whose members back and produce it through law and execution of law has no basis in society and is, in fact, at an increased risk of being overthrown through elections or through popular resistance.

If the bankers, businesspeople and private interests knew what they were doing to themselves for the sake of this cloth rag, they wouldn’t have even begun to start down this path.

Unfortunately, willful and unwillful ignorance being what it is, it seems that we must go after these poor, deranged individuals and prevent them from running themselves and the rest of us off of the figurative cliff of social and economic ruination.  We need to lock these businesspeople and bankers up in mental institutions for research and treatment, and we need to get a whole new cadre of lawmakers into office.  We need ones who will actually work for their own sakes and benefits (which means, consequently, working for the general public’s sake and benefit).  We need statespeople for the people, not politicians for the businesses “interests.”

When rules are broken in a social system, or when rules are perceived to have failed the social system, human beings have historically withdrawn from such systems and, eventually, have worked to altruisitically punish those who have been perceived of as breaking the rules or having a part in setting up the unfair and illegitimate rules in the first place.  Without cooperation, the whole system falls apart and ends up resetting itself on a somewhat different, somewhat old line of operation.  Societies, governments, economies, environments and all the players in those systems fall apart, collapse and increase the likeliehood of death for those who live and work in those societies, governments, economies and environments.  That is how it works on the micro-level of the individual (see Fehr and Gachter’s work on the subject) and it is what has worked on the macro-level of societies throughout history and space (see the French, Russian and Chinese revolutions for a small sampling of examples).

The survivability of a government (and its members) lies with its ability and willingness to adapt policy to better suit the physical and psychological needs of the people whom they are governing for.  The success and survival of an economy takes the preservation of the society and the environment in non-monetary respects.

The businesspeople and bankers who are responsible for these actions are signing their own death warrents, in the grand scheme of things, for the sake of marginal profit and personal “gain.”

That is the joke that is played on such brain types.

That is how they work.

And that is how they’ve been noticed to work since the ancients first spoke about them (negatively) through the teachings of the various religious prophets and social commentators accross time, space and cultures.

Such nonsense.

And it’s only a brain state which leads to these conclusions.

Only a brain state.

And nothing more.

Think about it.


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