The Mirage of Freedom

Try as we might to achieve freedom on this plane of existence, I honestly think, feel and believe that we, in actuality, have none in the grandest of grand schemes.

We’re always bound by consequence and circumstance, and we still only have a biological tool to make sense of and interact with the world that is around us.  Our ability to make choices for ourselves, the part of our brain that stops us from going along with its natural, mostly subconscious actions is, in fact, only a biological tool that obeys the natural laws of physics and chemistry to produce the effect that we experience as “free will.”

Freedom, as it were, is only an illusion; a mirage of chemistry that our brain produces for us when the circumstances are right internally and externally.  Consequence is always going to be there, lurking in the background to check our actions; to deliever either more or less positive/negative effects for us on the tangible and empirical level of existence.

I charge that freedom, in and of itself, is simply a romantic notion that has no grounding in the real life world in which we live.

For example, a set of government officials are free to make whatever laws they choose to.  However, the circumstances that they find themselves in dictate what they focus on; their biology focuses their attention in accordance with their personal preferences and everybody has to live with the consequences of those actions, preferences and focuses, including the politicians, who are always going to be accountable to the people, through violent or non-violent methods.  A private individual may do whatever he/she wants, in accordance to what their biological brain prioritizes and what circumstances they find themselves in.  They too, have to live with the consequences of their actions, both as a result of how they effect others, and how they effect themselves through effecting others.

This is not a matter of my own personal opinion or preference.  This is a question of environmental, political, social, economic, biological, chemical and physical laws of the universe.  You can, after all, only act in accordance with the highly complicated and convuluted natural laws of physics, biology and cause and effect.  You can either work to understand these laws and work to obey them voluntarily, thus putting yourself at a greater chance of maximizing your well being and happiness on the tangible level of existence.  Or, you can “choose” to be in violation of these natural laws, thus putting yourself in a position for greater potential of pain, misery and detriment on the tangible level of existence.

The human species is still evolving, memetically and genetically.

I think it is time that we ditch notions and priorities, such as “freedom” and “liberty” for the sake of our tangible needs, health and happiness, because without these tangible necessities, we will be unable to achieve the mental states needed to produce our senses of freedom and liberty.  How can one truly say or feel they are free, if they lack food for nourishment, water for hydration, air for oxidation, companionship for psychological gratification, clothing for warmth and comfort and all the other necessessities that enable us to achieve a SENSE of freedom at all?

There is no freedom on this plane of existence, in actuality, save for what we produce from our own brains.  The sooner we acknowledge this apparent fact (which, technically, always has been throughout time and space), the sooner we’ll probably be able to produce a society and civilization that is healthful, sustainable, survivable and, potentially, able to thrive for the sake of all living beings, regardless of their species or planet of origin.

I hate to be the one who has to say it, but it’s time that we grow up and sober up as a species, and embrace the factual reality that is around us and that we are, intrinsically, apart of.

Romanticism can stay around.

But it needs to be relegated to its proper space, for our survival and well being.


Think about it.



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