The Old Puzzle

60589-originarielThe Old Puzzle

Honestly, this, if anything, is general proof as to how most people really aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.  In fact, this points out how most people are really, in fact, just tools for the exploitative system that we have in this country that we’re exporting around the world.

The only way that you get equality of opportunity is through a relative redistribution of the wealth within the society.  More well to do people have substantially better opportunities to advance themselves and their children’s well being than those who have lesser means to provide for children and themselves.  The poorer people have fewer networking opportunities, fewer resources with which to educate their children, less time and energy to interact with and enrich their children’s minds and generally live in more physically and psychologically precarious positions in our actual world, all of which, contributes to a lessening of the quality of life that their children can realize.

From talking with Libertarians and conservatives (who support the laissez-faire market system for wealth distribution), they seem to be under the impression that government would be an ineffective tool for redistributing the wealth, owing to a bias against government as a functional institution on behalf of society.  While it may be true that our present governments are staffed with sub-par people (and suffer many of the same problems that our top corporations are plagued with as a result of human error), I am still never going to be convinced that government itself is inherently incompetent in spite of the errors that the people who staff government are, inevitably, going to make.  To claim that it is otherwise is to fail to see the full role of government in society and to only focus on specific cases in which government has been ineffective or inefficient.  The whole picture is lost to the biased, ideologically motivated lens through which the Libertarians and conservatives view the world.

One can think back to the success of the Marshall Plan, or the American mobi


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