The Strife Caused by Amateurs

The Strife Caused by Amateurs

Honestly, did the so called “liberals” of Egypt honestly believe that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to go quietly from the scene?

What does the Muslim Brotherhood honestly believe it can accomplish by behaving so violently?

How is it that nobody in power is thinking of checking with the people of Egypt, to see where the center is and where the legitimacy lies?

That’s more likely going to be the ultimate way forward towards a happier and healthier Egypt.

Because right now, it just looks muddled and miserable as amateurs on both sides vie for power that none of them technically should have.

Where was the US when Morsi was so blatantly putting himself in the political wrong?

Where was the US when the “liberals” did likewise?

Where is the US when it comes to coaching the military for maintaining power and how to manage an economy over the tumult that they had a hand in creating through their actions?


Egyptian politics is strictly run by amateurs at the moment.

And the US isn’t helping by remaining silent or backing one side or the other, or by cutting military aid to Egypt.

They’re not going to be a democracy, most likely.

But they also need to be accountable and responsive to the needs and wishes of the people, if they are going to avoid the fate of Mubarak and all the other Pharaohs who governed Egypt poorly in light of disasters and in general times of peace.

Think about it.


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