The Truth Shall Set Us Free



The Truth Shall Set Us Free

It doesn’t matter how much  money is poured into falsifying the truths of our world.  An academic who advocates for the falsehoods of our world undercuts their credibility and, therefore, the value of their work and their opinion forever.

Reality is one of those things that’s solid.  Some people can sense it, some people can’t or won’t or simply don’t.  I would charge that, those who don’t, knowingly or unknowingly, are sick in the head and are pursuing priorities that a healthy brain wouldn’t prioritize.

Ask yourself: if you have to bend or break reality in order to achieve your end, is it really an end that’s worth achieving or is feasible to achieve without facing some kind of significant and/or negative blow back from the rest of the social and/or environmental world that is around you?

I’m asking this to the academics who sacrificed their credibility for a few additional coins in their wallet and to the Wall Street financiers who ruin whole economies by distorting and/or ignoring the solid reality that is our living world.

The human brain can bend the world in a potentially infinite number of ways, and even convince the bender that that reality that it has created is the actual and true reality.  However, the reality in the outside world tells a different story than the brain and, when those come into conflict, one should, if they are healthy and are pursuing healthy ends, would always defer to the reality that is empirically and repeatably outside of their brains’ hopes, wishes, desires and imaginations.

We seem to act as lawyers, not as scientists, depending on what we’d LIKE to accomplish.  However, we should ask ourselves as to whether or not those are ends that are worth pursuing, for our own sake and benefit (individually and collectively) as well as whether or not those means are good to deploy.  The ends may justify the means, when it is for life, happiness, sustainability and survivability.  However, it is ultimately the means that determine the ultimate ends that are reached.  Those who fail to get this are, most likely, not living on this plane of existence for one reason or another, and should be treated as such by the society and the medical community.

Facts are stubborn things, and it is only the foolish and/or the mentally ill who ignore them, regardless of the reason or the purpose.

Think about it.


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