The Cooperative Edge

There is more boobery in the American government than can be counted in the Congress alone.

The whole function of the bureaucracy, the engine of our government’s execution of our laws and programs, is fakakta, along with the logic and function of our legislative arm.

Why do we keep the same people and the same practices around that stymy the function and logic of government, elected or otherwise?

Are our elected officials, who hire and thus, produce the culture in our institutions and programs, really that lazy that they only draw upon those people they already know?

At what point do people with official power lose sight of the rest of the world, and thus, lose empathy and care for what is, be default, their responsibility?

Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to change the American system and logic of governance.

We’re currently too focused on our individual pet projects and opinions to really know and/or care about what is actually in our best interests.

Therefore, I open myself up to the whole world, to help those who could, potentially, use my labor better than the Americans.

Perhaps there is a small country out there, somewhere in the world where I can help produce something that will last until the end of this species, at the very least, such that there is a little garden of green out there in a world characterized by tumult, ego and the stupidity that arises from it.

It’s not like anything I’ve talked about is hidden knowledge, even though it seems that it’s accessible to a relatively few number of people in our world.

The lessons that I speak on are universally applicable, after all.  Anyone should be able to see and apply these lessons concerning the natural world that is around them.

Unfortunately, we are not governed by people who live in the one reality where we are and are apart of.

They are neither in search of the truths of the matter or in the well being of themselves and everyone else in the process.

That’s the saddest part about these people who have risen to top offices, in spite of their bona fides.

And that is how these brain types have always failed throughout history, in spite of the “competitive edge” that they have when working with others.

For it is not the competitive edge that wins many battles with the elements that will kill us all, in the end, but the cooperative edge that we have amongst all living beings.

Yet our brains don’t work like that, for the most part.


Think about it.


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