How to Examine the Economy


To begin studying an economy, it is probably better to map it out first, in order to show all of the working parts of the economy and how they interact and work together to produce wealth and value for the human society and the environment from which it springs.  From there, you can tinker and tamper with the economy via computer modeling to show how various goods and services effect one another (if they effect one another), how the econom(ies) effect human societ(ies), and how human societ(ies) effect econom(ies).

Of interest to the governments of the world is how the different types and methods for regulating the economy effect  the economy on the empirical (versus just the theoretical) level, bearing in mind that happier, healthier, more sustainable, consensually just and GENERALLY prosperous economies where wealth is GENERALLY shared out amongst those who work to produce said wealth tends to yield more positive results for those who govern and increase the odds that they’re able to get re-elected or safely maintained in power without challenges from socially legitimate rivals.

Consensual justice in the economy, combined with functionality play critical roles in determining the success or failure of societ(ies) and of society’s governing officials.

This is how the world works on the empirical level.

Ignore the ideologues and the faith-based philosophers who think, feel and say it works otherwise, and test my hypothesis honestly, openly and for everybody to see, no tampering or deceptions allowed.

Think about it.


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