Levels of Economy

I think Adam Smith was right to hypothesize that agriculture, and other necessary GOODS (such as water was at the basis of any functional economy, as opposed to monetary wealth.  Without them there’s no ability to make anything in the economy, let alone money.  You can tie this into the need for humanity to sustain and maintain the environment that is around us because the slightest changes in our environmental inputs will produce radically different outcomes in the places where we need to make our homes.

All of this means that we need to radically change our fundamental picture of an economy, how we measure success, define value and prioritize our goals, both as business leaders and public policy officials.

To deny the role of government in creating the laws, social functions, programs and basic order in society that enables an economy to grow in the first place is ideological thinking at best and downright malevolent intention at the worst.  The role of the government in the economy is to protect the citizenry from the excesses and dysfunction of the private elite whose only passion in life seems to be the accumulation of more monetary wealth than they can spend in their lifetime.  While I agree that they and the rest of society needs to make their own market choices, the simple fact of the matter is is that they’re not always going to make the best possible choices for themselves due to the sometimes mutually exclusive desires to make money and to lead a healthy and sustainable life (in the fullest of fullest senses).  The public of society must keep a check on the private elites if the public is going to ensure a quality of life for themselves and for the already rich and powerful.  The most legitimate and peaceable way of accomplishing this is through the actions of a government that is sensing accurately the full picture of what’s happening in the economy, not being bogged down by irrelevant minutia and is focused on delivering the best possible effects for the general public on the tangible level while communicating effectively on the psychological levels such that a majority of people understand what’s actually going on and, hopefully, will be willing to support it when it comes time for elections.

Failing to act on these benevolent and reality-based principles and courses of action in government have only led to economic, social and, eventually, political collapse for the malevolent and/or misguided folks who attempted to wield the power to short-sighted or small-self oriented ends.  This is what history has shown.

Unfortunately, many in our current governments and outside of these governments don’t view the world in this way that will, most likely, I think, help them work with the one reality that is around us and that we are apart of.

There is only so much room for opinion and difference of perspective.

That’s just how reality works.

Take it.

Or leave it.

It doesn’t matter.

Think about it.

Because if the necessary goods, services and environmental conditions of our economy aren’t placed at a higher priority than monetary, financial wealth, we’ll all die for some individual’s want of a buck.

That’s just how the world is working.

Take it.

Or leave it.

Think about it.


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