The Tipping Point


We’re coming to a point in our history where we need to think beyond monetary wealth and economic growth.  We need to start thinking about the finiteness of growth potential in the economy and the sustainability of our growth.  All these considerations have to be made ahead of and before financial wealth and monetary “growth” of businesses and returns on investment.

If actors in the free market are unable or unwilling to do these things on their own, for their own sakes, it behooves society to influence or force them to do so for their own sakes as well as for all of society’s sake.  The most socially legitimate and peaceable method for doing so is society acting through government action to create, enforce and edit laws, such that the most amount of good is being done in the society while causing the least amount of ACTUAL harm to anyone living in the society.

It’s either this, or violent upheaval, revolution and death for the people on top of our social and economic worlds.

Think about it.


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