The Insignificance of the Individual


No individual human being has ever accomplished anything without some help from other people.

Our very lives are owed to at least two other people, whether they were healthful parents or not.

From that beginning of infantile helplessness comes out you, the individual person, who is really the product of a myriad of different environmental, economic and social forces.

American culture, especially Anglo-American culture, emphasizes the individual as the apex of possible achievement.  However that individual would never have been in existence were it not for at least one tryst between two people and all the people who raised them, for better or for worse, from that point until they were old enough to somehow fend for themselves, regardless of the age they were at when they started to do so.

We are social beings at the core.  To deny this society and these social and individual facts is to deny the reality that is our world; the world that we ALL depend on for our well being and survival.

It is a natural part of our sub-conscious psychology to attribute great things to our own small self, and to reject those things that are not so flattering to our own selves.  Anglo-American society and culture has extended this defect within our brains to such a point, that they are actually blind as to how they are weak as well as how they are actually strong.  As evidence of this, we have some of the most confident students in our schools, yet these same students have consistently shown themselves to be mediocre at best.  Our parents believe that they’re all knowing and wise, just by virtue of their experience, without actually thinking or accepting how they may have been wrong about a great many facts about our world.  They disrespect and seek to destroy the collective that they live in while gorging themselves on the fruits of the collective enterprise that is society and the economy that supports it.

Personally, I say that either we, as a society, withdraw our collective support from the folks who do not accept or believe in society, and leave them to their own devices as they so many times have said that they’ve wanted.  They will not voluntarily leave the society, because there’s something deep down in our minds that lets us know that such a move to reject all of society would be a literal death sentence for themselves, as individuals, as it most certainly would be.

To reject society would be to reject all that society has produced for that individual.  The clothes on their back, the shelter that they live in, the food that they eat, the water that they draw from, the electricity, sewage and roads that they use, the healthcare that they consume, the money that they earned for themselves, everything, no matter how elite and powerful they may be in that given society.  As a matter of fact, those elite positions are more dependent upon society, because their positions are only as such because other people have, tacitly or directly, given onto them in the first place.

No one will leave society without forming another society somehow, unless they are the type that can live and survive in the most crudest of senses materially and psychologically.  And, those who would leave all collective endeavors would live in the most crudest of senses, thanks to the inherent weaknesses of the individual that they so highly praise and cherish.

Frankly, I wish that such anti-social individuals would leave all kinds of society, and go to their deaths in the elemental world that is around us.  It would make governing much easier and society much happier to be without their anti-social influence.

But, I know that they won’t willingly do so, because I know they, somehow, know better than to do that.

Therefore, I say we reject those anti-social people and kick them out of society to see how well they like living without the support of the other and the collective that they have so much scorn for.  Let them show how dependent they are on other people.

Let them squirm without society, government and order.

And let’s be done with their genetic and memetic brain types, such that we all can live in a better state of peace, happiness and collective prosperity.

Think about it.


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