As If This Will Help

As If This Will Help

So, now the illegitimate government of Nouri al-Maliki is bombing civilians with our technology, in order to win back the lost provinces from the al-Qaeda fighters.

Superior firepower does not stop an insurgent force, especially one that can call on the people and have more or less, defacto support from them.

Granted, the al-Qaeda fighters will probably alienate themselves from the rest of the public through their draconian and overly idealistic brand of Islamic politics.  This still doesn’t mean that the people are going to rally towards al-Maliki’s flag against them.

And there’s still the question as to where and how Moqtada al-Sadr, the anti-American Shi’a cleric who has vocally come out in support of the Sunni resistance to the Shi’a government of al-Maliki, is going to emerge in this conflict.

If only our current American government wasn’t so heavily staffed with reactionaries and conservatives, we’d probably have a chance to make peace with them, rather than simply looking at the surface dialogue.  We don’t really have an interest in undermining al-Sadr in Iraq, chiefly because, he’s the most legitimate leader that the country has.  If we were to honestly allow people to govern in their own rights and choose to accept the governments of their own choices, we’d probably be living in a world that’s much more positive for the United States and its allies.

Why bother continuing to force people into our brand of democracy, when it so clearly is not compatible with most of the world’s present histories and/or cultures?

Why not let people be as they are, govern according to their needs and wants, and simply remember on our home front that we need to govern in accordance with the physical and psychological needs of our people first, and remind those on the foreign front that it is only through governing according to their people’s physical and psychological needs that positive ends are reached.

How is it that our own “leaders”, especially, can’t, won’t and/or don’t comprehend the basic fact, that positive, social and welcoming stances, with a touch of intelligent defensiveness is way more powerful, influential and better suited for achieving our wants and needs for peace, security and social predictability that enables our economies to grow?

Let people choose their own leaders and decide for themsel


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