Just a Servant, Just an Observer

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In reality, I’m more of a scientist than anything else who has just made observations about the social, political and economic worlds based on intuitive insights.  I haven’t calculated everything out to the mathematical minutia, and I doubt I’ll be taken seriously until I get down into the mathematical minutia that’s available (bearing in mind the possibility that these kinds of observations may not be able to be made with the mathematical precision that is often demanded by present day science.)

I have done an examination of over twenty different cases throughout history as to how governments have failed.  I could be full of crap.  That’s part of being a scientist in the truest of senses.  However, while I’m willing to admit that my hypotheses are only hypotheses until I’m able to formally back up the research and be acknowledged by the rest of the human species, I will remind everyone that time is ticking away on our world, and our opportunity to do anything to save it.

I am just a scientist, of sorts.

You don’t have to believe in what I say, and you shouldn’t take me at face value.

However, the consequences for not giving me an honestly fair listen and a genuine examination of what I have had (and still have) to say are going to be dire for ourselves, as humans.

You can either accept what I’m looking at (and what all of you can easily look at, if you’re not hallucinating for the sake of some predetermined ideological belief on your part) and put it into play, or you can leave it be and simply watch what happens.  It probably won’t play out exactly as I’ve said.  But it probably will mean the degradation and degeneration of society, one way or another, on the physical level (not the “spiritual” or “metaphysical” level(s)).

I leave it to all of you, because I can’t do anything about it, unless you allow me to.

Think about it.


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