The Long Arm of Natural Law

Oh Mama….

The Long Arm of Natural Law

“Wray, West-Eberhard and company want to depose genes likewise. They want to cast genes not as the instigators of change, but as agents that institutionalize change rising from more dispersed and fluid forces.”

It is possible to conceive, that we are beginning to reach a tipping point where the conservatives are going to be on the out, not because of anything the progressives have done, but simply because of the fact that the world is changing in such a way and at such a rate, that they and their ideas will quickly put themselves on the out of our society, and thus, limit their abilities to act in the old ways.

What have conservatives offered throughout the ages, but a persistent denial of the facts of the world, in favor of a predetermined ideal that never is, never was and never will be, and then, forcibly consigned the rest of us to suffer in that “ideal” world of theirs’ while they pig out on the actual benefits of society that we all produce?

What has individual “selfishness” done for the individual, other than make them an alienated social individual or group within the context of the society that sheltered them for all the years of their childhood development and adult lifetime?

What good is having “everything”, if you’re unable to use it, and you leave the rest of society in want for it?

What good does your “wealth” do, if you destroy the places that you live and the people whom you depend on as family in order to achieve it?

I say, let’s be done with conservatism and the delusion of ideologies, from the perspective of a new ideology.

Let us all embrace the reality around us for what it is on the universal physical level (understanding, that the universe itself could very easily be much more complicated and dynamic than anything we could have comprehended with our modern science).

It’s time to stop digging ourselves into ruts on the basis of ideologies, false flags and ignorance, willful or otherwise, and realize a more civil, conscientious level of physical being.

It’s all in the brain, after all; all in our genes and our environment, that we either become anti-social, conservative and hostile to the reality that is around us, or progressive, social and acknowledging of the world that is around us and that is us.

It is time that we stopped living in ignorance.

Or else, the universe will favor against us, and let us all kill ourselves off for want of money or relative power within our society or anything else that has no bearing on our actual physical well being.

And it’s just a question of brain type as to whether you go one way, or another.

Towards progressivism, life and general well being.

Or towards conservatism, death and destruction of yourself and humanity as a result of ignorance and the inability to adapt to conditions present in our actual world.

Think about it.


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