A Fool’s Errand


A Fool’s Errand

One has to wonder, what exactly the world’s elite are doing.

More disconcerting than the Right wing populists in the street are their more progressive cousins who are less inclined to racism, bigotry, xenophobia and authoritarianism.

What benefits do the world’s rich and powerful stand to gain by keeping all of their wealth and gunking up the political processes in order to keep that wealth, when there are so many people who are wanting them completely gone from our world?

What good will their wealth do if they’re dead, or if nobody’s around to recognize and accept their wealth?

Awfully hard to produce an economy of luxury goods and leisure time for yourself, your family and your peers when you’re the only workers available to work in the economy.

For that matter, who’d be around to recognize your wealth in the first place?

There are many logical holes in Ayn Rand’s piece of fiction, especially when it comes to determining the function of the world and the economy.  It’s a shame that so many people’s egos, delusions and ignorance capacities have brought them to the point where an unworkable world of fiction has become more important to them than the facts of human society, the economy, their environment and their relative places in all three of these social and ecological systems.

That’s the nature of the human brain, at this point in time.

And, unless we all do something now to reverse this growing inequality, resentment and suffering in the world, in a sincere, genuine and effective manner, there will be no future for humanity, and all the world will regrow according to the laws of biology and physics, and the inputs from the world that went into the new world’s generation, without human beings.

Such a sad, silly bunch of monkeys.

And all the poor people they prey upon.

Think about it.


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