(Another) Incarnation of the Right

(Another) Incarnation of the Right

What is the Right, but those who simply wished to stay with the existing exploitative elites, regardless of their hue or shade?
What is the right, other than the deferential treatment by government and society to those who already have and have taken from others, over those who have nothing or have only been taken to town?
It’s been this way since we had the distinction between conservative absolutism and progressive democracy; ever since the English Civil War and the French Revolution.
Which side are you going to be on?
The conservative minority few?
Or the progressive democratic majority?
Think about it.
Because no matter how the political narrative is packaged or played out by those who are in the game, the deeds are still the same in practice and function, whether they acknowledge this or not.  Democrats just happen to be more Right wing than they ought to be, if they know what’s actually good for them in the grandest of grand schemes of things.
Too much in the pocket and bed of the private elite to be of much use to both the people and the elites who attempt to do things that really aren’t in their self interests as individuals, living in the context of our perpetually social world.
Think about it.

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