It’s Coming Undone

It’s Coming Undone

Like many things economical and sociological, there are likely to be many interpretations that have some shade of validity in varying degrees with what’s actually happening in the highly complex and ever dynamic universe that is our social and economic worlds.

I will give this word of warning though, to American policy makers, business leaders and financiers: that it has been observed in the past, through Adam Smith no less, that as work forces shrink, and/or as wages remain stagnant or in decline relative to real purchasing costs, the true value of the economy, as defined by the production of material and psychological health for individuals living in society, shrinks.

I don’t know if we’re actually measuring the real decline of the American economy in terms of providing people with the opportunities to make it in the world, without the heavy reliance on other people’s goods and services (as provided by the public and/or not for profit sector).

The whole economy seems to decline when people are forced to cannibalize off of the wealth of others, very much like a body using stored energy within itself to fuel its functions.  However, unlike the individual’s body, this societal body doesn’t just die when it runs out of fuel to support itself.  Instead, it has historically gone into a kind of panic mode, where its members desperately search for relief from the hardships of living in poverty or near poverty.  This is what led to the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution; when the less inclined to action, the majority of society, begins to go after those who they scapegoat as bringing the social and economic problems onto the social body as a whole.

The social body will never die without a fight.

And, let me tell you something, rich people, you do NOT want to see a bunch of angry chimp descendents coming towards you and yours when the time comes for full on panic.

They’ll go after the politicians who led us to this place.  They’ll also likely go after the private elite, those who really have had control over society up to this point, depending upon their perspective and ideological inclination.  Then they’ll turn against themselves, and begin to frenzy amongst themselves to re-establish a new order from the remains of the old.

It’s ugly.

It’s depressing.

It’s a lose-lose for everybody.

And it’s what’s always happened whenever human societies have been pushed to the edge by the elites who were supposed to be working for the public good, rather than their own private good.

Just look at the history of China for one example.

Or the French.

Or the Russians.

Or the Iranians.

Or the Arabs.

Etc, etc, etc.

You SURE you want to be messing with this beast?

Cause, I assure you, that the beast of humanity is much much much scarier than anything that the rich people can actually hope to conjure.

And it lasts longer too.

The French are on their 6th Republic since the Revolution, after several instances of returning to monarchy and formal imperialism.

Their elites still are not settled.

And neither will these current elites who think they have it all and have taken it all for granted will survive the onslaught that’s slowly coming.

And they won’t believe me until it’s too late.

Think about it.


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