The End’s in Sight

4bc80-kali3   As society’s needs and consciousness of itself increases in complexity, so too must the capacities of government increase in complexity to meet these challenging needs.

Unfortunately, this is not a project that is going to take “traditional” 20th century notions of government, where government competes and rules OVER people.

Instead, this is going to take a different approach, where government collaborates and cooperates WITH people in order to produce the best possible effects and the best possible results for the communities that the government is supposed to be serving (and, thus, improve the well being of the government within the social context in which it is found).

We’re not going to get out of these problems using the same people and the same philosophies that got us into this mess in the first place, on the Left and on the Right.

Sadly, the official Left is so far Right, that it’s going to fail to adapt to the present needs of our social, economic and environmental systems.

That’s how I know that, on the current path that we’re on, unless something small changes, in the way our leaders think about themselves and think about others and the environment around them, that we’re going to fail as a society and as a species.

That is my concern, and my chief worry.

Think about it.

Because I fear my failure more than I fear my success.

And, that is something for the old folks, who may read this blog, should think about, when they look around at the world accurately and full of the ideology of truth and tangible/psychological social/individual health. Think about it.


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