The Reality of the Market

Unless new technology is developed to change production or increase the demand/supply in the market (within the bounds of the environment), or unless the demand naturally increases (again, within the bounds of our environment) due to wage increases that go along with profit increases, the market will eventually level out as far as its marginal and absolute growth is concerned and reach a carrying capacity.

Let me rephrase that: unless the market does reach a carrying capacity that goes along with our environmental limits, the market will kill itself off by killing off the society from which it springs.  That is, unless the society doesn’t kill the market off due to the extractive nature of the business leaders and the financiers who govern the market’s function and logic.

We need a more holistic logic to our financial and to our market systems.  We need to consider the consequences of our actions on our lived reality, not just on our financial one.  We need to, quite frankly, mature and grow up as a species and not lived in our fantasy lands of market riches and production, if we’re going to make it into the next century, let alone, the next millennium.

For what reason are we letting those people who live in such constructed fantasy worlds run and dictate policy in our world over the democratic will and lived needs of the general population that they (the delusional marketeers) are actually dependent upon, like the rest of us?

Think about it.

Because unless we get ourselves tied down to reality and how the market, financial, social, environmental, cosmological and political worlds all work and CAN work to the best possible results, based on the personnel inputs that go into the system, the more likely it’ll be that we will all die off for the sake of financial profit.

That’s the bottom line reality of the market.

Think about it.


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