A Failure of Democratic Strategy

A Failure of Democratic Strategy

I don’t get how many Arab political factions think it’s a good idea to boycott elections, especially when the ballot can show how little support their opponents have.  Yes, it’s a way of saying “this government is illegitimate”.  But like it or not, the government’s going to be there, regardless.  Might as well embarrass the military in the polls by showing them how many people are opposed to the new constitution.
This is just another example as to how democracy is all cultural, and that human beings are, across cultures, non rational in their strategic thinking and action planning.  It’s not like our people here in the US are much better at going to vote and it’s not likely that they’re going to be better at voting.  We’re rigged too in terms of candidate choice, but that doesn’t mean that we are unable to vote for other people and parties.
Democracy seems to fail when the people fail at democracy.
It’s all thanks to our individual and collective brains that we fail at this process.
Yet it doesn’t mean that the leaders of our society are unaccountable for their actions, as there are plenty of extra legal opportunities to overthrow or wreak havoc for the governing factions.
Such nonsense, all around.
And it’s all thanks to our brains that it’s like this.
Think about it.

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