The Failure of the State

The Failure of the State

Isn’t this precisely what I’ve been talking about?

Notice how when the State fails to protect the citizens and provide peace, order, stability and quality of life to its citizens, it gets challenged and replaced by a separate State or State-like entity.

Mexico never really has had a history of a strong central State.  Even under the Aztecs, it was just the Central Mexicans around what was then Tenotichuan (now Mexico City) who “controlled” the surrounding peoples as an imperial power.  Like most empires, they were overthrown by the majority of people as soon as an opportunity came along to bring it into being (in this case, it was the Spanish).

Perhaps it would be best for Mexico if power were devolved from Mexico City, such that the country would act as a confederacy rather than a federation (separate point).

But these vigilante groups is just another instance of what I’ve been talking about coming into practice in the real world.

Only idiots who have never lived without a government want a lack of government.

Only the foolish and the ideological want a complacent and ineffective government.

And only the poorly sensed and power hungry want a government that is not natural and functional within the cultural and social context in which it finds itself.

It’s not like the Federales in Mexico City have much say over what’s happening, or have been effective at handling the drug cartels.

Might as well let the people be armed to drive them out if the Federal officers and Army can’t or won’t, for one reason or another.

Might as well let Mexico organize itself in a more natural manner.

Think about it.


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