Step by Step Instructions

1. Change the logic and priorities of the elite figures of humanity to something that is more focused on health, well being, sustainability and tangible quality of life.  Get those who do not conform to this new definition as mentally ill, and in need of treatment.

2. Force those elites who do not conform to the new outlook of life out of their positions of power and get them into medical treatment for testing, diagnoses and treatment.

3. Get monied influences out of our political processes.

4. Get our energy sector based on sustainable resources.

4a. Use subsidies to and profits from fossil fuel based energy companies to fuel research into sustainable energy and goods production.

4b. Invest in and implement green energy technology.

Explanation: Priority needs to be given to making our species able to survive.  Economic and social consequences are likely to be huge, but, unless we make this transition to sustainable and renewable energy, we won’t be able to survive on this planet.  The economy will simply have to transition and regrow in a more ecologically sustainable fashion, or else, we’re all going to die.

Much more work will have to be done to research and explore how to undo the consequences of our dependence on fossil fuel energy sources and to mitigate the economic and social consequences.  This work needs to be done though, and the steps need to be taken NOW to begin it, before we get too much more invested in the current, unsustainable economic and social systems.

5. Implement wage system where minimum level is in place (depending upon local costs of living) and percentages of net profits are kicked down to workers’ pay when they clear a certain level.  Charges against those who fake their profits (like evading taxes).

6. Equal participatory and social rights for those who are of non-white, male, hetero-sexual, well to do and Christian backgrounds (ie, for anyone who is not white, male, hetero-sexual, well to do and Christian background).

7. Redress our foreign policy institutions to a more socially appropriate stance.

7a. Eliminate all persons who take an anti-social and controlling attitude from all foreign policy institutions.

7b. Remain constantly attentive to the well being, opinions and attitudes of other peoples living around the world.

7c. Allow other peoples to develop their own institutions, borders, legal structures and customs according to their own cultural logic.

7d. Always remember that the people are longer lasting and more significant impact in the world, towards us and towards themselves than the elites who govern them.  Balance the two out with honest, “open palm” diplomacy and dialogue.

7e. Use force only when it is socially appropriate and opportune to do so to other cultures’ opinions and attitudes.  Never use force for the sake of one’s own personal benefit or gain and/or without the consensus of the larger portion of humanity (see the example of the French in the Central African Republic or the UN’s offensive actions against M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

This is the basic backbone of some specific policies and courses of actions, based on my present working understanding of what is out there in the actual world that is around us and what, from my understanding, can potentially or has worked in the past.

Hope this helps.

Think about it.


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