What’s It Going to Be?

What’s It Going to Be?

Imagine what kind of world we would have if we were to invest in the necessary capital (in the form of time, energy, effort and resources) into making this world genuinely green and sustainable?

What on Earth is so controversial and difficult about this decision to change our species-wide habits now in order to avoid the pain of having to die on this rock, devoid of life and human habitation?

Does the human species want to live?

Do the people on top, who are causing this jam in finance and function, want to live or see their kids live?

This is lunacy to say the least!

And it’s even crazier when you realize that it’s all caused by a little bit of fear of change and a little bit of greed and desire for a little more financial gain over health and well being on the physical and social level.

What the Hell am I still doing on this planet?

What the Hell good am I going to do if no one of consequence is listening or wanting to listen to what I’ve got to say?

Humanity is going to DIE for the sake of these individual’s wants and desires!

These mentally ill people, who choose financial gain over economic, social and environmental health are going to DIE as well for their beliefs, their desire for money and their inability and unwillingness to change and adapt to natural conditions!

These people need to be removed from their places of power, consequence and authority, regardless of their factional affiliation or connectedness to the political system, by hook or by crook, through force or by peace, and put into mental institutions for testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Their behavior and the choices they make while they’ve been in office (and in life, in general) are ample signs that they are diseased in the head and are untreated to boot.

And it is all thanks to their brains that they behave like this, regardless of whatever they may say or do to make it look like it’s otherwise the case.

Think about it.


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