The Actual Value of Honesty

The Actual Value of Honesty

Honesty is probably one of the most undervalued traits in our social world (mainly because liars and dishonest people have managed to, in the short term, sabotage it).

Dishonesty is only something that works in the short term towards one’s small self “gain.”  It does not help in the long term towards one’s large self benefits (which is what are actually healthful for the individual in question, whether they perceive it as such or not).

Dishonesty implies a disconnection with reality.  It is either a willful failure to acknowledge reality, an attempt to bend reality in order to achieve a goal that is probably not healthful in the first place or a state of ignorance about how things are operating in the world and how things actually function.  It is in this disconnection with reality that you get problems for yourself and for the larger world/organization around you.

Imagine a creature who cannot see walls that are actually present around them, due to either them willfully not acknowledging those walls or having a genuine blindness to those walls (say the walls are beyond their ability to sense, for one reason or another).  Imagine some of these walls being spiked or otherwise more dangerous than simply being a plain wall.  Now imagine the individual in question, who is either willfully not acknowledging the walls or is actually not able to sense those walls, having to navigate through the world as if it is a maze of these walls.  What do you think is likely to happen to them, given the dangerous nature of some of these walls and their willingness to not or their inability to sense these wall?  The short answer is that they’re more likely to die or inflict harm onto themselves and those they are attempting to guide through life, the universe and everything.  How can those filled with ego or are unable to sense reality lead any organization, let alone an entire social world in the practice of government, and expect to come out healthy and together in their own right as an individual member of that organization/social world?  How can we expect the larger social world/organization to come out well as a result of their dishonesty and/or ignorance?

These are not long term calculations for the collective whole.  These are short term views of the world that are relevant to the individual who is producing dishonesty or is experiencing willful or unwillful ignorance.  There may be moments when honesty is not the best policy, for social reasons primarily.  However, dishonesty, the complete and extreme opposite of honesty, is never the solution to the problem(s) and challenges that we are facing.  Middle of the road options between honesty and dishonesty may be, sometimes (and I emphasize, sometimes) the best policies.  But the failure to acknowledge the truth, the key factor in knowing what to do, is perhaps, one of the most deadly things that can befall our individual members of society, and our collective societies, because of how insidious it is, how habitual it can become and how unable we are to move around it at times, for any number of reasons.

Our species is in serious danger of dying out because climatic conditions are set to change faster than our ability to adapt to them.  This is one instance of how dishonesty and/or a failure to acknowledge reality in our governmental worlds is destroying ourselves.  It’s a crying shame that we’re being led by those who are either willfully ignoring reality or are genuinely not perceiving the reality that is being presented to them by their senses accurately.  It is as if the schizophrenic are leading us.  And we will all pay the price of our complacence and tacit support of these individuals who don’t honestly know what’s in their actual interests, regardless of their competence and ability to reason and act in our world.  I don’t know what I can do about it, other than to keep writing and to keep reading and researching about this world.

Yet it seems that I may arrive too late, if at all, to do anything significant and substantial about these various problems that we are experiencing in our world.

A sad sad state of affairs we have in this world.

Yet that is how the universe functions, in actuality.

Never ideal.

And, frequently, against our species’ abilities to survive, let alone, be well, in spite of our potential.

Then again, who said that the universe takes sides in these things, other than to favor that which adapts fastest and is best suited to live on the tangible level of being?

Think about it.


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