On Humans

I don’t get human beings.

We have such a wide variety of brain types that we frequently have contradictory visions of how we are, who we are and what/how we behave.

Culture certainly plays a significant role in determining this stuff and how it gets executed.

But due to the similarities in our biology, especially with regards to our brains, we hypothetically have several significant common denominating factors.

For starters: we all generally want to be happy and to avoid misery.  Different cultures and societies have different definitions of happiness and how to achieve it and there will always likely be variety within the societies as to how to accomplish this and how it is defined.  However, there are some significant common factors to what constitutes real happiness and psychological contentment (again, hypothetically because of our similar brain biology).

We’re also a species that, in spite of our supposed intelligence, wisdom and sense of benevolence, justice, morality and ethics, frequently does things on the large, small and medium scales that do considerable amounts of harm to ourselves in the small sense self (the individual) as well as the larger sense of self (which includes the whole of human society, life, the environment and the universe beyond our planet).

I don’t know what to make of this species that I’m apparently apart of.

I suppose we could chalk things up to our lack of presence in this universe, in the evolutionary sense of things.  We’ve gotten a lot of the biological kinks out of our system, thanks to thousands of generations of evolution, both during and before the branch of humanity existed.

But what of our neurological world?

How is it that we have such a powerful and, at the same time, useless brain?

We’re able to think in abstractions and make things appear as if they’re there through reasoning and rationale.

But what good are those abstractions, arguments, lines of reasoning and senses/interpretations of facts If they don’t actually exist and don’t have any basis in our actual, factual, lived universe?

What good is opinion if it confuses facts and empirical truths?

This is the crossroads of humanity, I think.

Some will live on, some will die off.

On this plane of existence, it’s most likely still going to be a mixture of those who are more in touch with the empirical world beyond our brains’ perceptions, conceptions, hopes and desires and those who are not.  Unfortunately, this also means that those who are less able to be in touch with the world outside of their brains’ hopes, desires, perceptions, conceptions and knowledge fields are going to still be able to rise to positions of power, consequence and authority where they will only do harm to everyone and everything.  This will also not free up those who are more in touch with reality beyond the brain from being prone to mistakes and other problems that will occur on this plane of existence.  We’re always going to be limited in our capacity to know, to see, to reason and to understand how the world works and what actually is and works for us as individuals and as societies (the one not being mutually exclusive or in competition with the other).

I don’t understand humanity, or life and the universe in general.

And I doubt I ever really will in an accurate sense.

Think about it.


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